Sunday, 20 April 2014

Party Preparation One - Dapper Drinks for Fancy Folks

Rather recently it was my 21st birthday and, as with all big birthdays in my family, there was a party to match the occasion! This party happened to be my first foray into party planning and I don't want to brag but I would say it was quite a success! This will be the first (in many) posts dedicated to sharing what things I used, big and small, for my 21st birthday celebration.

If you are: Having a family party? Maybe a date night? Or if you don't need any excuse to doll up your drinks read on to see the when, what, where, how and why of these beautiful drink glasses!

LauraLikes - Party Preparation

Sourcing the jars. I'll admit, this is pretty easy. You don't have to go far to find cute little jam jars, milk bottles and other similar glassware. Any of your inexpensive 1-dollar type stores will have them! I found them in Cheap as Chips, The Reject Shop and IKEA among others. I bought my jars and bottles in lots of different shapes and sizes because I really like the higgledy piggledy effect that gives! Obviously its up to you if you go for uniformity or chaos in you drink-ware! They ranged from around 90c - $1.50 each (that is Australian Dollars).

My main advice is: hold out for the good stuff! I have to admit I got complacent, I got worried that I might not find what I was looking for and ended up buying a lot of milk bottles in a soft plastic which really wont be good for more than one or two uses! After buying them I discovered the same product in glass was sold at IKEA. So don't be too hasty when buying - it's a process!

Individualising even further. String or Ribbon around the top of the bottle can give it a little extra punch of personality. Straws! I have to admit my love for straws has reached epic proportions after finding the gems you can see pictured below! I took the higgledy piggledy effect a bit further and bought all different kinds of straws in spots and stripes and various colours.

The fabulous filling. Well pretty much anything and everything would look cute in these babies! I am planning on making a whole other blog post on party drinks (think mulled wine, punch, iced tea). My main suggestions would be that the drink is:
  1. Cold. You don't really want to drink a hot drink with a straw! Not to mention the a hot jar wouldn't be great to hold onto!
  2. Colourful.What isn't to like about a colourful drink. if you're going to go to the effort of putting these jars together a colourful drink really would suit best. However if your favourite drink happens to be Sprite, why not add a drop of food colouring or some colourful fruit.
  3. In fact I would suggest adding fruit to any drink (how cute would that look in the jar).
Some of my top drink picks would be: fresh lemonade, fruit punch, iced tea, fancy lemonade (raspberry, lime, ginger etc).

So I hope you enjoyed these pictures and stay tuned for more posts!



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